Generate cover photos for all social media.

The #1 tool to automatically generate professional social media cover photos with up-to-date formats and sizes.

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Why make the same cover photo more than once?

Designing the same cover photo for every social media can be a real chore, and everyone hates repeating.

Inconsistency kills the brand.

When it comes to branding, you want to voice your message consistently across all social media.

Everchanging sizes and guidelines

It’s important to have the right formats and follow the right guidelines of each social media platform.

17 milliseconds

…is all it takes to form a first impression, that’s why cover photos need to form a cohesive message and be aligned with your brand.

Instant cover photos for every. social. media.

Do not repeat yourself. Voice your brand consistently across all social media.

Make once. Ship everywhere.

We’ll take care of the guidelines and the intricacies of social media requirements.


Whether that is a logo, a screenshot or an illustration; add and import your custom brand assets easily.

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Customize your cover photo look with your company’s name, a tagline, change the font, set your color palette and more.

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Export your masterpiece in all up-to-date supported formats and resolutions. It's ready to be shipped and displayed across your preferred platforms.

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Your time is sacred…
So is your money.

AZ Media saved over $127 in 3 months!

AZ Media is a digital agency, and with their everchanging branding message variations, they were found having to design cover photos for their multiple platforms regularly.


Cost saving


Faster delivery time

All the features you need, and more…

Up-to-date dimensions

Highly customizable

Lightning fast

Cloud based

Upload automatically

Keep history

Are you ready to save hundreds of dollars on graphic design?

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Want to do it yourself?
We got you covered.

Get a free template kit for cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Works with Figma, Sketch and XD.